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Brand biography

For the Citizens of the world, Seya aims at understanding the different cultures and different ways of life throughout the world; Thinking of the world’s patrimony not as inhabitant of a country but as inhabitant of the world. 

Every season, we travel to different regions to create fashion, object, scent that matches both Seya’s sensitivity and the urban way of life. Seya. is nomad. Seya. is urban. Seya. is a spirit.

Each community has objects that have been created from the earliest times. These objects, which are part of their culture, were created in harmony with their natural environment to serve a specific purpose. Therefore, they have particular shapes, colors, scent, sound…That is what we wish to go back to, the essence of objects, their origin.

Our project is to take into account the environment from which objects were born. We either employ materials that are exclusively fabricated for us or that we have carefully selected to make sure it is environmentally friendly. Seya’s object is made in our travel destination, all handmade by workers that we encounter around the world.