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Founded in 2005, The Market Agency has established itself as a distributor of exclusive Scandinavian and international ready-to-wear collections.

With a strong platform at our sales headquarter in Copenhagen we work with premium accounts on the Scandinavian market while also conducting sales from Paris.

Having a life long experience in the fashion industry, we are dedicated to be the best in the business in terms of sales and customer service. We work very closely with our clients to provide them with in-season service, to achieve the best possible exposure for the brands we represent and to assure the best possible turn over.

Our Legacy

Brand biography

OUR LEGACY is an independent fashion brand based in Stockholm, Sweden founded in 2005 by Jockum Hallin, Cristopher Nying and Richardos Klarén.

Known for applying custom-developed fabrics on signature shapes, OUR LEGACY has amassed a devoted following over the years establishing the role of a cult brand.The collections include men’s and women’s ready-to-wear, defined by a progressive exploration of seasonal themes through an intricate attention to detail and repurposing of materials.

OUR LEGACY exists in the junction between familiar and irregular, with reworked yet recognizable silhouettes across recurring sub-categories.


Brand biography

GOLDSIGN is a women’s denim label, refined to the luxurious modern essentials with the most considered approach to style and detail. Founded in 2005 and reimagined in 2017, GOLDSIGN has been committed to creating a simplified range of signature denim and knitwear fashions.GOLDSIGN’s timeless denim is produced in small batch quantities and meticulously constructed to be cherished over a lifetime. Thriving on the basic values of craftsmanship and quality, each garment is designed and created within GOLDSIGN’s Los Angeles studio under the direction of British native and denim visionary, Karen Phelps. Presenting a distinct and exclusive assortment of garments each season, GOLDSIGN has established denim signatures that are identifiable byway of their thoughtfulness, functionality, and above all, quietly compelling nature.


Brand biography

AGOLDE is a premium denim label dedicated to setting the standard for advanced, directional denim.

Continually seeking inspiration from the classics, our Los Angeles based design collective sets out to recreate them with a fresh reinterpretation in mind. An AGOLDE silhouette offers the authenticity and rarity found in discovering the perfect vintage pair. As we continue to aspire and push boundaries, we draw influence from many directions of today’s emerging artists and creatives.

Here at AGOLDE, we are focused on design, sustainability and comfort. While our styles may emit an irreverent attitude, each piece is crafted with meticulous detail. We use only the mostinnovative fabrics sourced from around the world and facilitate product development in our vertically owned facilities and with select production partners to create denim of the highest caliber. We personally and carefully test every fit and fabric, and believe the practicality of a jeanis as important as its design. Companywide, we are committed to being thoughtful in the creation of our denim and use advanced methods to reduce our imprint on the environment, including laser technology, ozone machines and high-efficiency wash methods. In short, AGOLDE invests in the future.


Brand biography

Rodebjer was founded in New York in 1999 by native Swede Carin Rodebjer. After she was spotted on the streets of Manhattan wearing her handmade designs, she started selling her fashion to friends and stores in New York and in Stockholm. Since then, Rodebjer, has grown steadily and is now available in our own two stores in Stockholm and in our webshop.

The collections can also be found in the best department and key stores throughout Sweden and with selected retailers in over 20 countries. Our quest is to enhance personalities yet simplify everyday clothing decisions through relevant, timeless and versatile fashion that meet the many needs of the modern woman.

Signature silhouettes include slouchy suits and sets, drapey caftans and easy-to-wear dresses and kimonos - clothes that easily moves from day into night and from work to leisure. Rodebjer is strongly inspired by counterculture, the human rights and feminist movements, music, film, art and literature - passionate people with strong ideals and the courage to live by their own rules.

barena venezia

Brand biography

Barena Venezia, a small, family-owned company has significantly influenced the way men (and women) dress in and outside of Italy over the past twenty-seven years. Before “sprezzatura” and “soft tailoring” became go-to terms for fashion editors, Barena was showing men how to dress casually and with class utilizing sartorial fabrics for rather sporty, workwear garments.

The inspiration for Barena traces back to the style of the rural inhabitants of Venice: in fact, Barena derives its name from the term “baro,” which in Italian translates to “emerged lands”—a reference to a key feature of the Venetian landscape where both hunting and fishing were practiced by a slow sailing on a “Sanpierotta”, the flat-bottom boat depicted on the brand's recognisable logo.

Studio Nicholson

Brand biography

Armed with two decades of industry experience as a successful designer, Nick Wakeman launched the first Studio Nicholson collection in 2010.

Nick is renowned for her utilisation of superior fabrics, she honed her skills studying Textile Design at Chelsea School of Art in London. She continues her pursuit to work with only with the best materials available.Drawing inspiration from Japanese culture, architecture and interiors, Nick creates considered pieces that are carefully engineered to provide structure and elegance, forming the basis for the ultimate modular wardrobe.Functionality, modernity and playfulness are the inherent elements that we believe in as a brand and therefore ignite the foundations of each collection.

Working closely with experienced manufacturers in Italy, Portugal, Japan and the UK, Studio Nicholson garments are produced by specialists who intrinsically understand the ethos of the brand, and the perfection Nick strives for.


Brand biography

HOPE is a Swedish fashion brand with a passion for high-quality garments that inspire and emphasize individual style. In 2001, HOPE founders Ann Ringstrand and Stefan Söderberg launched their first women’s collection. Featuring clean, cool looks with clear nods to classic menswear and utility pieces, the brand stood out from the romantic styles that characterized women’s fashion at the time. Since then, HOPE has been an original and unique option to the traditional fashion scene.

When the first collection for men was launched in 2005, it immediately became a go-to favourite of the Swedish fashion establishment. Over the years, HOPE has received numerous awards and nominations and is today one of the leading fashion brands in Sweden. In 2016, Frida Bard took over as new Head of Design. Sharing the founders’ passion for tailoring and utility, Frida will continue to create iconic garments that make HOPE an inspiring, contemporary voice and a creative force within fashion.

ATP Atelier

Brand biography

Jonas Clason and Maj-La Pizzelli first met in the late 80’s at legendary Swedish fashion brand and retail stores Gul & Blå. Each recognizing in the other a passion for style rather than fashion. They went their separate ways, spending the next two decades learning the business and honing their talents before finally bumping into each other at exactly the right time, in exactly the right place.

And then there is Otranto. A small medieval Italian town, clinging precariously to a cliff in the south in Puglia. The countryside is mountainous and fresh. The coast lined with beaches, the water crystal clear. It’s the classic Italian town, with cafés and ice cream bars and restaurants, you know the sort. Elegant in a lived-in, comfortable kind of way with everyday life just going on around you. People going about their businesses, being together. We like that.


Founded in 2005, the market agency has established itself as a distributor of exclusive scandinavian and international ready to wear collections.

With a strong platform at our sales hq in Copenhagen, we work with premium accounts on the scandinavian market and also conduct sales from Paris.

Having a life long experience in the fashion industry, we are dedicated to be the best in the business in terms of sales and customer service. We work very closely with our clients to provide them with in-season service, to achieve best possible exposure for the brands we represent, and to assure best possible turn over.

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